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Tech N9ne – “Face Off” featuring Dwayne Johnson

This week’s Music Monday’s song of the week is making a lot of noise and it is coming from someone that is well known for a lot of noise-making, Dwayne Johnson

Tech N9ne has released his new single, “Face Off,” and it features Joey Cool, King Iso, and Dwayne Johnson, aka the Rock.

We can confirm that the song is the #1 trending song on Youtube music, and Tech N9ne has also announced that it is the #6 overall song on iTunes.

Dwayne Johnson’s appearance on the track was a surprise that many of us… Perhaps NONE of us was ever expecting. Now a triple threat within the entertainment realm (professional wrestler, acting, and now rapper). We can expect to see Johnson entertaining us all one way or another.

Let us know what you think of the song. Did you like it?

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