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“Show Me,” ghetto poetry by Master P

We here at Art, Trade & Lifestyle News are starting a new weekly section called, “Music Mondays.” We will be evaluating today’s music of all genres of all artists, both independent and major, and our track of the week.

We would like to start off our first pick of the week by recognizing a man that has been in the game for a mighty long time. Percy Robert Miller, widely known as Master P, has soaked up a lot of knowledge from the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, and Richmond, California.

Miller has been releasing music since 1989 and his first studio album was released in 1991, entitled “Get Away Clean.”

Appearing in various films and television projects over the years, Miller is now reportedly in preparation to release a television project based on his life and titled, “King Of The South.” The theme song of the project, “Show Me,” displays Miller in a different manner than what we have known of him to be, a poet.

The song opens with the chorus, “Don’t tell me you love. Just show me. Backstabbers pull knives, but I’m never worried. Fake friends caught amnesia through the controversy. Don’t tell me you love me. Just show it.”

Miller opens with, “Every superhero have a theme song. I just think that ya’ll liked me better when I was selling cream, home. I grew up right there in the projects just trying to get my team on. But these haters will watch you and say that they love you. And just try to put the beam on.”

He goes on to say, “See this ain’t rap. This is poetry. I am reintroducing myself to the ni**gas that act like that they don’t know me. I’m the ni**ga that sold a hundred million records and had a jump shot like Kobe.”

Miller shares his life encounters in a poetic fashion that we have never known him to do. But we do know him for his ability to keep reinventing himself just as he did with this track in a poetic fashion.


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