Lebron Space Jam mural vandalized

Akron, Ohio – The vandals are calling James an “L.A. Flop.”

The Space Jam mural that was painted on West Market and North Valley Street has been vandalized. A red clown nose was painted on James’s nose and the wording, “L.A. Flop,” was painted on the mural. The U.S.A. Today notes that the name was a reference to James’s dramatic reactions on the basketball court.

Space Jam: A New Legacy was released on July 16, 2021, topping the box office with $31.65 million. The second week in office the film took a dramatic fall that placed it in 4th place at the box office… An L.A. Flop.

The mural of James was painted by Kent State student, Chardae Slater. There is no word of any suspects of the vandalism.

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