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Da Rel Scootas of Aahlana

They are everywhere. They are the latest and the perhaps the hippest means of shared transportation throughout the country… E-Scooters.

Various e-scooters parked at the Atlanta Beltline

From the streets of San Francisco to the Beltline Trail of Atlanta, E-Scooters are an easy and efficient way of short travels, and getting together with friends and having fun. In recent years because of the popularity of the e-scooters and providers dumping e-scooters everywhere along the sidewalks. Many cities such as Atlanta has taken the measures to regulate e-scooters and require them register to only operate in restricted areas of the city.

Since 2019, the city of Atlanta has imposed many regulations involving e-scooters such as:

  1. A nighttime ban from 9pm-4am
  2. Ticketing e-scooter riders who ride on the sidewalk
  3. Low speed limits while riding in high pedestrian areas.

Many of the regulations has caused a few e-scooter providers to pull out of the Atlanta market, but for the ones that are still. This guide is meant to serve as a review of all available e-scooter providers servicing the Atlanta market only; some of the listed providers service other markets as well. The pricing that you see listed here for the Atlanta market may differ from other markets that they serve.

The city of Atlanta currently has four e-scooter providers that you can choose from: Bird, Evo, Spin and Helbiz. But since initiating the research of this review a new provider, Lime, has returned to the Atlanta area. All e-scooter providers have a regular price set of thier own, and there are some providers that offer discounts or monthly membership plans.

All providers are great, but if you are a frequent rider, there is only one that would be of beneficial to you.

  1. Bird: Bird’s mission is to make cities more livable by reducing car usage, traffic, and carbon emissions. Based in Santa Monica, California, Bird operates in 200+ cities around the world. One account provides you access to e-scooters everywhere around the globe without any extra requirements.

Bird has a variety of different models available: Bird One, Bird Two, Bird Three and the recently announced, BIRD Bike.

Cost: $1 to unlock and 39 cents for every minute thereafter. A temporary hold of $3 may be placed at ride start. Bird has a 24hr pass available for $24.99. With the pass a rider can ride up to 30 mins per ride.

Pro: Bird appears to be the most popular e-scooter provider in Atlanta with a large fleet of e-scooters available.

Con: Bird does not have a subscription plan available for the Atlanta market. Therefore, if you choose to ride Bird, you will be forced to pay the $0.39 per minute. Which can get very expensive if you are a frequent rider.

2. Spin: Perhaps the most unique provider on this list, Spin provides their users a free helmet, users are just required to pay for the $10 shipping fees. Based out of San Francisco, California, Scoot prides itself to incorporate dockless charging station in their operations.

Spin has a variety of e-scooters available to choose from: S-100 (5th Edition), S-100 (7th Edition), S-100 Level 2, S-200, S-100T, and S-300.  

Cost: $1 to unlock and 15 cents for every minute thereafter. Spin has announced that they will be launching a new subscription program called, “Spin+,” but its not yet available for the Atlanta market. As described on their website, for $59 a month, users are provided their own personal e-scooter. During the 30-day rental, you will have full 24-7 access to you assigned e-scooter. Your monthly rental will include:

1. Your own premium Spin electric scooter

2. GPS Lock & tracker

3. Unlimited maintenance

4. Unlimited customer support

5. Unlimited scooter swaps

6. Unlimited customer support

7. Charging cable

8. Free delivery

Until the Spin+ subscription is available in the Atlanta market, Spin offers unlimited passes:

  1. One Hour: $14.99
  2. Two Hours: $22.99
  3. 24 Hours: $31.99
  4. Seven Days: $34.99

Pro: Imagine having an e-scooter of your own for only $59 a month with unlimited support and swaps whenever needed.  No more looking for an e-scooter to ride when you can just walk out of the house and scoot!

Con: The Spin+ program is not yet available.  So for not it’s all a dream. Spin’s plans are to start the program in 2021, but you can join the waitlist here. As soon as it becomes available we will let you all know on our part as well..

3. Veo: Veo is an e-scooter provider from Chicago and as of publishing of this review. Their e-scooter permit has been revoked by the city of Atlanta. When logging into their app you are immediately notified that they are closed, and asked to help them to continue service in Atlanta by sending a pre-written email.

“I recently learned that ATL DOT decided to revoke Veo’s e-scooter permit. I have relied upon Veo to get around for a year during the pandemic, and while there are other dockless operators in the city – NONE OFFER A SEATED SCOOTER OPTION LIKE VEO – which is the safest and most comfortable for my trips.

Veo has been there for my community, and I’m asking you to reconsider your decision to prohibit Veo from serving riders in Atlanta.”

4. Helbiz: Headquartered in New York City, Helbiz is another e-scooter provider that has a monthly subscription plan available for frequent riders. For $39 a month, you will have total access to an “unlimited” plan that allows total access to Helbiz’s entire fleet from all over the world. 

Cost: $1 to unlock and $.39 for every minute thereafter. A monthly subscription plan is available as describe above.

Pro: Helbiz is the only provider in the Atlanta market that provides a monthly subscription plan.

Con: Helbiz e-scooter fleet is small compared to other providers.

5. Lime: Upon preparing this article for publication it was announced that Lime e-scooters was returning back to Atlanta. Lime pulled out of the Atlanta market when the city was creating the regulations targeting e-scooters. Both Google and Uber invested a total of $335 million in to company, and has made their resources available to the company.

Cost: $3.50 for the first seven minutes and $0.39 for every minute thereafter.

Pro: One cool thing about this Lime is that you can locate their e-scooters on Google’s map app. 

Con: There are no monthly subscription plans available.

Each e-scooter provider has their own special offering that they provide to their users. But the best option that any of these providers can offer right now is a monthly membership plan that majority of these reviewed e-scooters currently provide.

Spin, perhaps would be our first choice if asked our preference.  Reason being, Spin sends you a free helmet ($10 shipping not included), and gives you unlimited access. But like other e-scooter providers’ unlimited program, you will have full control of a scooter for 24-7. No waiting. No sharing. All yours to have with no limits.

But Spin’s Spin+ unlimited program is only available to a chosen few. That’s why we are going have to go with Bird as the best available choice of e-scooters in Atlanta. Helbiz’s unlimited is only $39 a month and available to anyone at anytime… Only if you can find one that’s available. 

Do you have experience with any of these e-scooter providers? If so, let us know what you think about them and your experiences riding.

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