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Making moves with Ankara

The metropolitan Atlanta based Ankara Moves puts a global and modern twist to African fashion. Owned and managed by two sisters, Revelation Walker and Gloryfied C-Jonah, Ankara Moves (AM) is a passion project that turned into a revenue generating empire operating from two different continents.

Originally from the city of Benin City, Nigeria, both sisters migrated over 25 years ago with their family to Chicago and finally settled in metro Atlanta.

Revelation says that, “Ankara Moves was conceived from the desire to see signature African fabrics and styles taken out of the box and used in everyday items. Ankara is the new age name of the cotton fabric that most west Africans wear. We decided to make MOVES with it. ”

“As entrepreneurs we wear many hats.” Gloryfied describes, “We are both creative designers, but of course we are also personal stylists, communications officer, garment technologists, sales director and much more.”

The company has been in operation since the early 2000s and officially became a family business in 2013.

I asked both ladies what were their goals with the company, and Revelation replied, “My goal is to be able to do my business full time & support my other endeavors through my business income.” Gloryfield added, “My goal is to continue to change the negative mindsets so many have for the continent of Africa so they see it for its depth and beauty.”

Both ladies agree that the long-term goal is making Ankara Moves a household name by helping create a warm and colorful world for all our customers.

“We have clothing and accessories for everyone: man, woman and child. We also have accessories for the home and we keep growing each year,” says Revelation. “We make customized pieces for everyday wear and also high-end clothing. Come and check us out today.”

Ankara Moves can be found on Instagram at: Ankara Moves & on Facebook at

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