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It’s 2021 and technology is expanding and making life easier. Atlas Robots, a Madrid, Spain, based company aims to not only simply make work tasks easier to individuals, but to make more robotic resources available to all businesses. 

Gonzalo Garcia, Sales Director for Atlas Robots, said their goal is “to build cells with robots that are affordable for any company, both from the economic point of view due to their reduced price, as well as from the point of view of use, due to their robustness and simplicity.”

Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, Atlas was founded in 2015. With distribution locations in Europe and Latin America, and Garcia himself has been assembling robots such as these for the past 20 years.

“The idea of the robot palletizer already existed, but until a few years ago it was a technology that could only be afforded by large companies, with large production lines and with a team of engineers to handle it. The demand began to arise from smaller companies because they could not find workers to do these heavy tasks and we came up with the idea of covering the need of these customers,” says Garcia.  “By refining a lot we managed to make an extremely robust and perfectly functional palletizing cell for less than the price of a car. With small companies, the relationship is very close and the return on the project was so satisfying and stimulating that we decided that this is the only thing we want to do.”

Bag Palletizer
Ice Palletizer
Wooden Board Palletizer

Atlas is able to make these cells cheaper by obtaining used robots from the automotive production facilities and recondition and reprogram them to give them new life. Each cell has a one-year warranty and is 100% guaranteed to work as if they were purchased brand new.

Atlas is developing other extraordinary technology, “We are launching an automatic guided vehicle (AGV) that is created with the same working philosophy, simple, robust and affordable. It costs 1/3 f the price that a regular AGV costs.


Garcia adds, “I would like to point out that even today, you talk to many companies and they are surprised that this technology exists, that they can afford it and without having technical knowledge they can get the highest profit. Every company that trust on robotics repeat without exception.”

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